Safariland Handcuffs

Rumor has it that Hiatt handcuffs may drop the Hiatt name and begin making handcuffs under the Safariland brand. Hiatt was purchased by Armor Holding June 2006. Armor was then bought by BAE Systems. BAE decided to move Hiatt from Birmingham, England to Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire a few months ago.

I have heard conflicting reports. Some say that Hiatt will begin making handcuffs in NH on a limited basis. Others have said that they are going to abandon Hiatt completely and introduce Safariland handcuffs some time in the future. They have definitely been delayed. I have been told that delays are due to sabotage by disgruntled Hiatt employees in England, incompatiblilty of English equipment with US standards, and lack of know-how. No one from the English factory moved to the US to tell them how to make handcuffs.

On another note, Geoffrey Cross, the former owner of Hiatt, has begun making a new line of handcuffs in the old Hiatt factory in Birmingham. The new handcuffs are a speedcuff copy and are called TCH (total control handcuffs). Speedcuff handcuffs are standard issue across the UK and they have been in very short supply since Hiatt closed.