Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bonowi Handcuffs

Bonowi Smartlock hinged handcuffs are extraordinarily heavy duty and well made. Certified to new very demanding German specifications. The handcuffs are made entirely of stainless steel with well rounded edges. The locks employ 3 independent pawls separated by 2 anti-shim bars and open with a unique triple bit key. There are keyholes on both sides of handcuffs and the single and double locks can be released by turning key in one direction. Double locks at edge of handcuffs are finger activated and inset enough that accidental activation is not a problem. Bonowi handcuffs bow shape will accommodate both small and large wrists. First notch inside perimeter: 9.5"; last notch inside perimeter 5.8". Weigh 19.3 oz. 2 keys included. Made in Germany Available at Handcuff Warehouse.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Return of Hiatt Handcuffs


Hiatt Handcuffs in England was acquired by American company Armor Holdings in 2006. Armor Holdings was then acquired by British company BAE Systems. The Hiatt factory in Birmingham, England was closed in late June, 2008. BAE moved the Hiatt factory to New Hampshire and began making the Hiatt handcuff line under the Safariland brand. In 2010, they closed the New Hampshire factory and began making them in Ontario, CA. All restraints made by BAE companies were placed under the Safariland brand. This includes Monadnock disposable restraints and NIK Flex-Cufs, Tranzport Hoods, and Spit Nets. In 2012 Safariland was acquired in a private equity deal led by the former CEO of Armor Holdings, Warren Kanders. Kanders is the Chairman and CEO of the new company which will continue to be named Safariland.

Current Status:

All Safariland restraints will placed under the Monadnock umbrella beginning 2014. Safariland handcuffs have been branded Hiatt again. The old Monadnock double cuffs and spare cuffs that were switched to Safariland will be Monadnock again. And the old NIK Flex-Cufs, Tranzport Hoods, and Spit Nets that became Safariland will move back to their original home under Forensic Source (formerly NIK Public Safety). Production has been moved from Ontario, CA to Pittsfield, MA. This is the same factory that makes Monadnock products. We are adding the new Hiatt models to the website as they are shipped to us. We have most in stock already.

All colored handcuffs have been discontinued. They are now available only in black and nickel. All colored Monadnock Double Cuffs have also been discontinued. We still have large inventories of some colors, but availability is limited to stock on hand.

See the new line up at Handcuff Warehouse: Hiatt Handcuffs

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Zak Tool Handcuff Keys in Desert Tan

Zak Tool is now making their number 9 knurled handcuff key and their number 12C key in desert tan. Available now at Handcuff Warehouse:

Zak Tool #9 Flat Knurl Tan Handcuff Key

Zak Tool #12C Tan Pro Grip Pocket Handcuff Key

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Purple Safariland Double Cuffs on Sale

We have purple Safariland Double Cuff disposable restraints on sale for only $.99. Limited time only. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Purple Safariland Double Cuffs

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chicago Model 1000 Handcuffs

The Chicago Model 1000 nickel plated carbon steel handcuffs. These are the same as the Chicago Model 1100 handcuffs, but in nickel plate instead of stainless steel. They are excellent professional quality handcuffs at an excellent price: currently just $15.99. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Chicago Model 1000 Handcuffs.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Handcuff Key Retractor

The Gear Keeper handcuff key retractor from Hammerhead Industries is available in fixed end and disconnectable end versions. We now stock both kinds. The disconnectable end can be easily removed without removing handcuff key retractor for belt or having to take off key ring. Available at Handcuff Warehouse: Handcuff Key Retractor.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Orange Double Cuff Disposable Restraints on Sale

We have Monadnock/Safariland orange Double Cuffs disposable restraints on sale for a limited time. Currently $1.26 each, all other colors are $1.74. Available while supply lasts at Handcuff Warehouse: Orange Double Cuff Disposable Restraints.